The Delta and its Neighbourhoods

From a research of the Architect Diego Maestri has been showed that between the 15 th and the 17 th century the Port of Volano was just present on the topographic papers of those times. The Port of Volano took the name from the same river which was the most important and the biggest arm of the Po river.

The tower Ex Finanza of Volano (at a very little distance from our Port) predominant structure of the territory around it, till the 60′s was a custom-house, where documents of transit were filled in a form, in order to give permission to the boats to transport merchandise to Istria.

In the neighbourhood you can visit Pomposa Abbey, one of the most important monastery of Italy, founded before the 1000 on little isles, between the Po of Goro, the Po of Volano and the sea, the marvellous Comacchio (a little Venice) with its picturesque Trepponti, the Mesola Castle founded in 1578 by Alfonso II of Este , the last Duke of Ferrara

ed infine ovviamente la natura ed i paesaggi del Parco del Delta del Po.and at last obviously, the nature and the landscape of the Park of the Delta.